The Ultimate Gelblaster Guide:

The Ultimate Gelblaster Guide: Why This TikTok Trend Is Taking Over

Children and adults alike have grown fanatic about this new generation of toy guns that have made enormous headway on social media platforms such as TikTok and Reels. Having overthrown its BB gun Supersoaker predecessor, the Gelblaster has become a popular combat toy for target practice, going head-to-head with friends or showing off your first-person shooter gaming knowledge. Here is our comprehensive breakdown of the revolutionary toy quickly becoming this summer’s hottest trend.

What Are Gelblasters?

The craze for gelblasters, also known as soft gel guns or gel ball blasters, has taken off worldwide. Many consider them a terrific alternative to illegal airsoft weapons because they only fire harmless gel spheres. Originally made in Australia, gelblasters have become a worldwide trend for people both young and old, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Are Gelblasters Harmful to the Environment?

The gelblaster is an excellent way to get kids outside without harming the environment, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious parents. Rather than using paintballs or plastic bullets, gelblasters use superabsorbent polymer water beads (gel balls) as ammo. Since gel balls are non-toxic and biodegradable, they won’t leave behind any trash or mess after use.

Gel balls are safe for kids to play with because they are non-toxic and harmless to the environment. Plus, since getting hit by one of the water beads from a gelblaster doesn’t hurt, it has quickly become the most popular toy pistol on the market.

When exposed to water, water beads transform into gelatinous spheres that burst like tiny bubbles instead of deflating like conventional water balloons. Because they can be used safely indoors, youngsters can play with gelblasters anywhere.

Parents and pet owners can rest easy, confident that their children and pets will not be harmed if they accidentally swallow a stray gel ball, as it contains natural components such as sodium alginate and calcium chloride and can easily be considered a better alternative for traditional water balloons.

Are Gelblasters Safe?

Gelblasters, when appropriately used, are relatively safe for users. Despite that, users should be wary of close contact with a person’s face and eyes, while personable responsibility is advised to never assume the safety is on. You should always wear protective eyewear when using a gel pistol, even if gel balls provide a very low risk.

How Do Gelblasters Work?

If you’re new to gelblasters, you’ll see that many types are available and similar in design to typical airsoft toy guns. Gelblasters come in various shapes and sizes, although the most prevalent are pistols, rifles, and submachine guns (SMG).

When buying a gelblaster, we recommend considering the games you want to play when choosing a gelblaster. You can take on various positions as a team player, such as shotgunner, sniper, or rifleman. If you’re entirely new to the game and want to find your feet first, we recommend starting with a handgun or assault rifle to get you started.

Gelblasters, in contrast to paintballs, use rechargeable batteries to power the propulsion of their projectiles, which are polymer water beads. The ammo cannot be used right away, as it requires at least four hours of soaking before it can be utilized.

What Is the Best Way to Play Gelblasters?

Most owners of gelblaster guns use them in the team activity known as Gel Balling, a similar concept and setup to that of paintball or laser tag. You can use your creativity to develop new variations of Gel Balling games that emphasize strategy and teamwork.

In a Gel Balling fixture, Close-Quarters Combat (CQC) has proven very popular, where participants adhere to the honour system and are considered “out” once they have been hit. Those familiar with paintball games will remember old favorites such as Capture the Flag, Attack and Defense, Elimination, and other types that can equally be played in Gel Balling.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Gelblasters?

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Aim, Fire, Get Blastin’!